How to Give Back This Holiday Season

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It’s that time of year — holiday parties, baking cookies, ugly sweater competitions, spending time with family, decorating your office and home, hot cocoa by the warm fire and the anxiety that comes with finding the perfect gift for the person that has everything. Sadly, there are people right here in our community who aren’t experiencing the holiday season in the same joyful way.

Below, we’ve listed some ways you can give back during this holiday season and make someone’s day a little brighter: 

Buy some cheap stockings. Pack them with things like gloves, socks, water, hygiene items, snacks & a fun item. Keep them in your car + hand them out to homeless people you encounter on your daily commutes or drop them off to a local homeless shelter.

Clean out the toy box. What do you love more than cleaning out clutter? Now is a perfect time to donate games, clothing, pre-loved and outgrown toys to kids who don’t have any. You could even wrap them and donate them to a children’s hospital to spark some holiday cheer. (I’m sure the nurses wouldn’t mind some cookies too).

Donate to a food bank. A perfect opportunity to teach kids about giving back + doing things for the less fortunate. Go on a special shopping trip + donate nonperishable goods to a local ministry or food bank. You could also set up a holiday drive at work, church, etc.

Volunteer. Set a few hours aside to volunteer at a food bank, shelter or other nonprofit serving those that may be having tough times. Monetary donations are also fine + always needed, but you can make a real impact through connecting with those in need through human connection.

Host a coat and/or blanket drive. Connect with office managers, your HR department, co-workers, or your boss + host a coat and/or blanket donation. Winter is coming — people in need will be seeking a way to stay warm + covered, help them out.

You don’t have to donate hundreds of dollars to make a difference in your community. We hope we’ve inspired you to share a small act of kindness + spread cheer to those that may need it this holiday season. 

If we all give a little, imagine the change we could make. How will you spread cheer to those in need this holiday season?







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