Beat the Winter Blues

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A new time change has come which means darker mornings, 5 p.m. sunsets, erratic temperatures + darker moods. Winter blues are common as days become shorter & we're exposed to less sun.

We've compiled a list for you to resort to if you should find your mood falling as fast as the thermometer. 

1. Watch comedy movies: We all know that laughter is good for the soul. So try planning a movie night with some of your closest friends or family and get some good soul-wrenching laughter in. That should brighten your mood.

2. Give yourself a manageable task to complete — but don't get too carried away: Plan to organize a few spaces that may have gotten cluttered over the summer/fall + tackle them one-by-one. It's important to build small activities into your day that, after completed, will give you a sense of accomplishment.

3. Warm up by the fireplace or with hot cocoa: drinking something before bed, prepares you for good rest. So, although it's important to eat healthy during the winter, make yourself a sweet treat to prepare for relaxation.

4. Jam to some music: Whether it be Christmas music or your favorite tunes, listening to upbeat music will surely brighten your mood during the cold winter days and nights.

5. Plan something to look forward to:  research shows that we tend to be happier when we have something to look forward to. Planning a trip doesn't necessarily mean a vacation, but even a date night or girls night should lift your spirit.

Of course there are probably a million things one can do to beat the winter blues, but we felt that these are probably the easiest + cheapest. Of course, you can always tweak our ideas + make them your own but whatever you do, enjoy yourself!! 



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